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Work from home policy: a complete guide for managers

2020 was a strange year, full of special circumstances which forced companies to re-think their strategies regarding their employees’ work conditions, specifically keeping them in their offices or approving work from home. What is a work from home policy? Before going deep into this… Deciding if remote work is even an option: this is the first and most important step when considering approving work from home. Analyze if the work can be done remotely or the employees’ physical presence at the office is required in order to fulfill their duties. This depends, of course, on the company profile, but lately, more and more managers got creative, adapted their business, and reconsider the change of work environment. […]

The Productivity Paradox

Technological development does not necessarily mean an increase in productivity. On the contrary, there is a decrease in productivity, as the devices become faster and faster, and here is where the productivity paradox comes in. The term  became popular after it was the title of a paperwork written by Professor Erik Brynjolfsson. He argued that [...]

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