Time Tracking

These are common questions managers often ask themselves and strive to determine and reduce weaknesses that affect business performance. It is crucial for their business to know how much time employees are actually working and how much unproductive time is spent during the workday. Easily find answers to these questions, and much more, with employee time tracking software.

What Is A Time Tracking Software?

The time tracking software is a computer application that allows managers to easily track each individual employee’s activity on the computer and, most important, how much time they spent in every application they used during a time interval. This tool automatically records activities performed on a computer, allowing managers to determine how much time an employee or an entire department has spent on different tasks or projects.

By using Cyclope-Series’s time tracking program you will have complete transparency of the whole workflow in your organization. This gives you the possibility to track the most efficient employees as well as details related to their tasks – see exactly what tasks took too much time to be completed by some of the workers.

Why Would You Need A Time Tracking Software?


Time efficiency and productivity are indispensable assets in any organization. That’s why it is important to have total control over your company and track irregularities or weaknesses which are compromising your business.

The information provided by such a tool brings the following benefits:

The employee time tracking software is also equipped with an alerting system. This section allows you to create rules related to the maximum time spent in an application, and when these rules are broken the system will display the data of the employee in the Alert report window.

Time tracking is key to understanding how time is being spent in your organization.


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