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Cyclope Print Management Software - Web Interface

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"With an expanding workforce, it's vital to keep track of what's actually going on. After trying Cyclope Employee Surveillance, I've seen a real improvement in my employee management and a real turnaround in productivity."
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Cyclope Print Management Software

A high priority for every company is to assure that the account billing operates efficiently and the income is increasing.

The use of a print management software has become more a necessity. That's why Cyclope-Series has developed Cyclope Enterprise Printer Monitor, a comprehensive, detailed, client-based tracking used to analyze, reduce and recover costs and resources associated with printing and plotting to all networked, local and direct to IP printers.

How much is out-of-control printing costing your business?

Cyclope Enterprise Printer Monitor is a print management software developed for the business environment, in order to help managers better control the network printers and increase efficiency.

Print management software key features:

Most administrators don't know how the organization's printers are really being used and thus can't control printing costs. But using the print management solution you will be able to:

  • Monitor All Printers - The print management system monitors all printers within the specified network, allowing management of printer load and printing activities within your organization.
  • Record Print Job Details - All possible data relating to a printing job is recorded: the date and time of printing, the printer name, the user requesting the print, the computer the request was made from and the number of pages in each job, arming the administrator with key evidence in identifying and eradicating staff abuse. The application's administrator can even view print jobs content before or after printing.
  • Provide Reports on Printers, Users and Computers. Reports generated by the print management solution are for all monitored printers, staff within the specified network, and the computers the request was made from. Reports can also be viewed in a printing-friendly manner. Aggregated Period Statistics are also available.
  • Create printing rules and restrict printing activities that do not comply with the rules set. Cyclope Print Management Solution allows managers to Pause or lock all new print jobs, to move/copy print jobs from printer to printer.
  • Calculate printing costs for each printer (black and white or color) or user and restrict printing of documents that exceed the set budget.
  • Identify and notify users and managers when printing quota exceeded and breaking rules attempts occur.
  • Easily navigate through Interface - The user interface allows for easy navigation to assist overall network print management and give the administrator unrivalled network printer control.

Cyclope Enterprise Printer Monitor is an affordable print management software which monitors, record and report individual usage within their printer network and the computer the request was made from. From recording data about the employee commissioning each print, to the number of pages in each print job, effective print management is made easy, thanks to our print management system.

Print Management Software - reporting The far reaching tracking capabilities controlled from a single, central control panel allow users to actively engage with the aggregated period statistics and ensure strict network printer control. The print management solution interface is a particular strong point, designed firmly with the end user in mind. The interface can be accessed from any location within the local area network by the administrator, delivering accurate aggregated statistics where and when they are required.

Cyclope print management software is easy to install and doesn't need any changes in your network, printer or workstation. You can bill print usage to concerned person and manage paper consumption. The print management system can acquire all information related to print job: name of the user who sends the print job request, workstation computer name, destination printer name, print document name, print request time and date, number of pages to be printed.

Inspired by latest technologies and the most advanced software from the market, Cyclope-Series develops affordable print management software to satisfy clients with high quality software at the lowest price.

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