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Not only that we are able to supervise the use of the information we handle, but we can also aknowledge our employees' working habits on our computers and this gave us the opportunity to identify and cut out the unproductive activities. As a result, our employees' activity has increased by 50%."

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Cyclope is a non-invasive
employee surveillance solution
for employees working on a computer.
DetailsInformationNoteCyclope does not monitor any details related to the content (screenshots, text) of visited web pages, documents or chat windows your employees use.

Latest Version is 6.8.1

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Amplusnet is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, achieving ISV and Data Management Competence

Cyclope completed "Verified for Windows Server 2004 - ISV Tour" by VeriTest

Employee Time Tracking Software

As a company owner or CEO, we are sure you have asked yourself many times the thought-provoking question, "How much time are my employees actually working and how much time are they spending on their own things?".

Cyclope-Series has come with an ingenious solution to this problem, by developing an advanced employee time tracking software tool which allows employers to easily track each individual employee's activity on the computer, and most importantly, how much time they spend in all the applications they are required to use.

    The benefits of using an employee time tracking software

Time efficiency and productivity are indispensable assets in any organization. That's why it is important to have a total control over your company and track irregularities or weaknesses which are leading to unproductive hours.
Time tracking report
As you can see in the screenshot report captured from our employee time tracking software, it is easily readable how much time an employee has spent on different activities. This time is divided in categories like: total active hours, overtime periods, total time spent online and other useful data. There are also reports which allow you to check how much time an application has been used by an employee. For example it is easily detectable if an employee has spent too much time navigating on the internet or chatting with his / her friends by simply selecting the chat monitoring or internet activity tab in the top navigation.

The employee time tracking software has its major functionalities efficiently centralized with a main top navigation and a left side menu where you can select a group of workers or any individual you want to check the activity report for.

By using Cyclope-Series's time tracking program you will have a complete transparency of the whole workflow in your organization. This gives you the possibility to track the most efficient employees as well as details related to their tasks - see exactly what tasks took too much time to be completed by some of the workers.

The employee time tracking software is also equipped with an alerting system. This section allows you to create rules related to the maximum time spent in an application, and when these rules are broken the system will display the data of the employee in the Alert report window.

    There are actually five major activities recorded by the time tracking software:
  • total time spent during a working day
  • total active time spent
  • total overtime spent
  • total idle time spent (not at PC or paper work time)
  • total time spent online

All the above mentioned activities are being recorded with the highest accuracy i.e. hours and minutes spent by each individual or group of employees.

Reports can be checked remotely through a web interface. There are also two options available: a printer friendly version of all the activity reports the time tracking software provides, as well as exporting and saving data in an Excel file on your computer.

We let you convince yourself of its efficiency by implementing our product in your business organization. Download our 15 days trial version of the employee time tracking software then buy a full license. By evaluating our trial version you will realize how important it is to know the actual productive time spent by your employees and track weaknesses which lead to unproductive hours. We are more than sure that you want your employees to work more efficiently and provide better performance for your business; this is the reason we created a tool to help you track weaknesses of working time spent by your employees. In addition, our product is considered one of the best employee monitoring software on the market with many useful functionalities like remote checking, flexibility and high accuracy.