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Cyclope - let's talk productivity

Find out what exactly are your employees working, how and for how long.

Cyclope provides you objective information about the way your employees work on the computer. Are you curious? We invite you to test it for free, no further obligations.

How much time was spent on the computer for business purposes, and how much for personal issues.
See all the websites visited by your employees and the time spent on each webpage.
Cyclope lists the name of all accessed documents and the corresponding time spent on each file.
See what applications your employees use and how much time they spend using each application.
See the most (un)productive employees and the most common activities undertaken.

Cyclope is a non-invasive employee surveillance solution for employees working on a computer. DetailsInformationNoteCyclope does not monitor any details related to the content (screenshots, text) of visited web pages, documents or chat windows your employees use.

How can you increase your employee productivity with Cyclope?

Define productive and unproductive activities

The new version allows you to define the level of productivity for each application (eg. Internet Explorer) and also define productivity for specific actions. (eg. visited websites).

Analyze the reports

You can quickly identify:

  • where time is lost;
  • which are the most (un)productive employees;
  • the most frequently used applications;
  • the actual work time etc.

Make decisions based on the findings

Reward productive employees and take action against the unproductive ones.

You will know if some license or hardware requirements are indeed objective.

Calin Ştefănescu

The productivity has raised by 50%

Not only that we are able to supervise the use of the information we handle, but we can also aknowledge our employees' working habits on our computers and this gave us the opportunity to identify and cut out the unproductive activities. As a result, our employees' activity has increased by 50%."

Örs Tamas,
Lynx Solutions

We had 100% ROI after the first 3 months

It was essential for us to be able to monitor the efficiency and the productivity of all teams involved in separate development projects. We already had 100% ROI after the first 3 months of using Cyclope Surveillance Software."